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Day at the Museum

Hello everyone!
Yesterday my friend and I were on a wonderful exhibition "Fashion in the mirror of history. XIX-XX centuries" from the collections of the Museum Association "Moscow City Museum" and private collection of a fashion designer Alexander Vassiliev. In today's post I'll show you many many photos of the dresses and things 19th century.
Dress of the 20th century (especially my favorite 20s-30s) will publish in the next post.

Even this is my blog's birthday :))) a year ago I wrote the first post!

sunglasses Just Cavalli
ASOS Skater Dress With Blouson Sleeve  ASOS.com
bracelet www.efoxcity.net
bag Coccinelle
heels Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

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Linen cambric dress, France 1850s

Border print wool dress Russia, 1860

 Moire ball gown, France 1860s

Veer ballroom, Russia 1850s-1860s

Ballroom shoes and ladies' stockings, France 1870s

Cotton cambric dress, Russia 1800s
Cashmire shawl,  Russia 1800s

Wool dolman (cape), France 1878 

Wedding dress, Russia 1880s

Tape applique velvet coat, Russia 1890s

Silk jacquard ball dress, Europe 1895

 Men's coat, France, late 19th century

The visiting ladies' dress 1890s

Ladies' dress, Russia 1900-1905

понедельник, 26 августа 2013 г.

Lace and Stripes 

Hello everyone and Have a good week!
I love this dress and I love to eat out too :)) It is a pity that the dress and the food is not compatible :))

JUST CAVALLI sunglasses
MAXNINA earrings click
ALDO clutch

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