четверг, 5 сентября 2013 г.

Lady in Blue

Hello everyone!

I have a real fall outside the window - cold and wet :))), the second day of rain.
Now I have time to make out the summer photos and remember the warm days.
+ Second part of the photo from the Museum of vintage dresses. XX century

top Glance
skirt ASOS
bag Michael Kors

My daughter - my photographer :))

"Fashion in the mirror of history. XIX-XX centuries" from the collections of the Museum Association "Moscow City Museum" and private collection of a fashion designer Alexander Vassiliev. XX centuries
XiX century  here

wool flannel corsage 1902

 silk dress 1916

silk chiffon ball gown 1913

 silk car coat 1913

silk evening gown 1913

dresses 1920s

chiffon evening dress the first half of 1920s

Ladies' hats 1920s

coat 1920s

wool dress 1925

left printed silk dress 1930s - on the right silk evening dress 1936

dresses 1930s

crepe dress 1941-1945

 summer coat late 1940s

overcoat 1939-1940

dress 1952

 dress in "New look" style 1950s

silk evening dress and bolero  1955

 accessories 1950s

 dress 1950s

cocktail costume 1965

dress 1965

 accessories 1960s

coat 1960s




cocktail dresses late 1980s

dress 1988

cocktail dress 1982


silk dress 1998